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Moong Beans Sprouts:-An inexpensive protein rich food

Moong Sprouts are paradise for Vegetarians; actually they are lord of proteins for all Vegans. It is a rich source of protein available at affordable cost. You can either buy it from a supermarket or make it at home. Though, exceptionally easy to make but involves a lengthy process. Anyone can make
moong-sprouts-featuredit provided they know how to make it the right way. The Indian Chef from easy to cook food recipes explains a clear proven traditional Indian method to prepare Moong sprouts.

What is protein?

Protein is a molecule in food which breaks down into Amino Acids when eaten. Our body can produce eleven amino acids out of twenty but the rest of it has to be supplied through daily food consumption. There is no one food that can straight away supply all essential Amino Acids therefore it is important to get protein from different sources. Here eating balanced diet has always been the mantra for a healthy body & mind.

Functions of Protein

  • It acts as an antibody and helps in protecting body against foreign particles. It binds to harmful viruses and bacteria thereby neutralizing their effect.
  • It helps in transporting atoms within the cells and also in the entire body.
  • As an enzyme it increases the rate of reaction and helps in formation of new molecules.
  • Protein is part of living cell. All tissues, organs including skin, hair & nails are made of proteins. Digestive system & immune system too depend on protein to function efficiently.

Daily Intake of Protein:

If your body weight is 65 kg then your daily protein intake should be: 65kg x .8= 52gms.

That means,

Appropriate Daily protein intake= Your Body Weight x .8

Moong Sprouts: Protein Content Sprouts Salad

Four ounces (113 grams) of moong sprouts supplies 3.5 grams of proteins.

Moong Sprouts are also a good source of Vitamin C and minerals such as iron & potassium. Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that battles off free radicals, providing protection from cancer. Sprouts are also easy to digest as the enzyme concentration increases due to sprouting. Even though moong sprouts contain less protein than eggs yet they are better wellspring of proteins as day by day consumption of animal products such as eggs, fish & meat leads to intemperate intake of calories furthermore a lot of cholesterol percentage can be harmful as it increases the risk of heart diseases.

**Make sure to eat them quickly, if stored longer it will lose all the vital supplements. Wash thoroughly before you eat & combine them with other pasta salads, vegetables or simply fry them to make them delicious, so that you never get bored with it and also get a balanced intake of all essential nutrients.


Splendid Breakfast: A way to healthy living

“Eat Breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar”. With so much to do in life and achieve we have forgotten to eat breakfast like a king. Have we not? Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. People around the world skip breakfast even after being aware of the fact that a healthy breakfast kick starts our metabolism, helps us to work better and stay healthy. Upma and poha are the two best breakfast options which are not only easy to cook but also healthy.


Poha : Easy to cook Breakfast


Upma: A healthy Indian Breakfast

Why do people skip breakfast? 1). Lack of time & stress: Fast paced life has left our life in chaos. Jobs and family demands so much from us that we rarely get to spend quality time then how we even imagine eating a quality breakfast.

2). Bored of eating same breakfast everyday: For some eating routine foods destroys the pleasure of eating a healthy breakfast and therefore they skip it.

3).In certain cases people skip breakfast so that they can avoid adding extra calories. They say “I am on a diet”. There may be few more reasons behind missing out breakfast but you don’t realize that skipping the most important meal of the day is doing you more harm than good.

Why you should not skip breakfast?

Here are few reasons and techniques which will put your morning meal back on track.

1).Diabetes, heart disease, memory &weight loss; if you don’t want to fall prey to any these then you should straightway get back to healthy breakfast. Don’t deprive yourself of nutrients and energy. Poor concentration & lack of energy are all outcome of unhealthy eating behavior.

2). You will be happy and surprised to know that eating breakfast stimulates calorie burning contrary to the belief that it adds on to the calories. During sleep our body is already fasting and when you deprive it more by skipping breakfast your body goes into lockdown mode where it burns less calories.

3). With Slow metabolism you will feel tired, experience headaches and poor concentration. After having breakfast your ability to take clear and conscious decision will improve significantly.

4). Well eating same breakfast everyday is very boring..To get over this you can learn easy to cook recipes which are not only simple but also super healthy. So, a freshly prepared diverse breakfast is still possible.

Eat healthy breakfast and start off your day on the right track. Never again say no to breakfast.

Spice Up Your Winters With Aloo-Tikki

Stormy chilly winters are about to take full swing. No more sweating, no more dust, refreshing gentle breeze and soothing sun spreading its warmth, winter marks the beginning of serenity and end of fast paced bustling life. Everything slows down and looks more attractive.

Aloo-tikki is a standout amongst the most adored Indian street food particularly in winters. It has been an imperative part of north Indian culture. Individuals like to gorge it all the more in winters as amid summers the streets are dusty and grimy. Aloo-Tikki makes winters more sizzling with chutney. Fusion of Aloo Tikki and bread roll blends the western and Indian food art to create famous Street Veggie Burgers.

When made small aloo-tikki can be used as an appetizer. Make them little large and they fit in to make Veggie burgers. Add toppings of mint ,onions and cilantro  make it très délicieux.

Made of Potato and few other condiments it is easy to make and scrumptious to eat. Aloo-Tikki can be made in two simple steps .First step involves forming a dough with potato and the second step involves shallow frying technique to convert dough into crispy golden brown hot tikkis.This snack also a well-known appetizer is often served with yogurt and spicy green chutney.

Orderly representation & simple directions with pictures included the whole time, easytocookfoodrecipes makes this recipe accessible to all so that you can appreciate it with your family and companions this winter.