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Spice Up Your Winters With Aloo-Tikki

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Stormy chilly winters are about to take full swing. No more sweating, no more dust, refreshing gentle breeze and soothing sun spreading its warmth, winter marks the beginning of serenity and end of fast paced bustling life. Everything slows down and looks more attractive.



Aloo-tikki is a standout amongst the most adored Indian street food particularly in winters. It has been an imperative part of north Indian culture. Individuals like to gorge it all the more in winters as amid summers the streets are dusty and grimy. Aloo-Tikki makes winters more sizzling with chutney. Fusion of Aloo Tikki and bread roll blends the western and Indian food art to create famous Street Veggie Burgers.

When made small aloo-tikki can be used as an appetizer. Make them little large and they fit in to make Veggie burgers. Add toppings of mint ,onions and cilantro  make it très délicieux.

Made of Potato and few other condiments it is easy to make and scrumptious to eat. Aloo-Tikki can be made in two simple steps .First step involves forming a dough with potato and the second step involves shallow frying technique to convert dough into crispy golden brown hot tikkis.This snack also a well-known appetizer is often served with yogurt and spicy green chutney.

Orderly representation & simple directions with pictures included the whole time, easytocookfoodrecipes makes this recipe accessible to all so that you can appreciate it with your family and companions this winter.




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