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Splendid Breakfast: A way to healthy living

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“Eat Breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar”. With so much to do in life and achieve we have forgotten to eat breakfast like a king. Have we not? Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. People around the world skip breakfast even after being aware of the fact that a healthy breakfast kick starts our metabolism, helps us to work better and stay healthy. Upma and poha are the two best breakfast options which are not only easy to cook but also healthy.


Poha : Easy to cook Breakfast


Upma: A healthy Indian Breakfast

Why do people skip breakfast? 1). Lack of time & stress: Fast paced life has left our life in chaos. Jobs and family demands so much from us that we rarely get to spend quality time then how we even imagine eating a quality breakfast.

2). Bored of eating same breakfast everyday: For some eating routine foods destroys the pleasure of eating a healthy breakfast and therefore they skip it.

3).In certain cases people skip breakfast so that they can avoid adding extra calories. They say “I am on a diet”. There may be few more reasons behind missing out breakfast but you don’t realize that skipping the most important meal of the day is doing you more harm than good.

Why you should not skip breakfast?

Here are few reasons and techniques which will put your morning meal back on track.

1).Diabetes, heart disease, memory &weight loss; if you don’t want to fall prey to any these then you should straightway get back to healthy breakfast. Don’t deprive yourself of nutrients and energy. Poor concentration & lack of energy are all outcome of unhealthy eating behavior.

2). You will be happy and surprised to know that eating breakfast stimulates calorie burning contrary to the belief that it adds on to the calories. During sleep our body is already fasting and when you deprive it more by skipping breakfast your body goes into lockdown mode where it burns less calories.

3). With Slow metabolism you will feel tired, experience headaches and poor concentration. After having breakfast your ability to take clear and conscious decision will improve significantly.

4). Well eating same breakfast everyday is very boring..To get over this you can learn easy to cook recipes which are not only simple but also super healthy. So, a freshly prepared diverse breakfast is still possible.

Eat healthy breakfast and start off your day on the right track. Never again say no to breakfast.



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    I love your post and totally agree!

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